The AGM took place on 30th May 2018 at 7.30pm at Langley Burrell, Chippenham. The projected bank balance when pending items are processed will be slightly down on last year's figures as expected. Subscriptions rates will remain the same. Games for grading should be submitted before the end of June. Junior Chess liaison position is still vacant. The 5 minute and Wiltshire Championship results were detailed. Next season's Wiltshire Championship will be a knock-out event - details to follow later. There will be NO Rapidplay tournament next season (usually November). The league winners were announced, but there is still one match outstanding in the intermediate affecting 2nd place. The leagues next season are expected to be very similiar to this year, except the Major league teams could play each other four times not twice. The General Data Protection Regulations were discussed at length. The new 90 minute, without altering the clocks, timing will continue. Minutes.



The WCCA Exec Meeting to determine league entries took place at 7.30pm on 13th September 2017 at Langley Burrell, Chippenham in which Trowbridge explained their players graded around 155 were unwilling to compete against players around 180 to 200, so would not enter a team in the Major League for 2017/18. Nominees for the President's Shield were suggested. The amount of teams in the various leagues would be three in the Major, six in the Intermediate, three in the Minor. All teams would play the other teams both home and away, except the Minor, where they would play each other home and away twice. Due to a shortage of players before Christmas in the Minor League, the fixtures would cater for Trowbridge only playing a couple of games before the end of 2017.


The AGM took place on 30th May 2017 at 7.30pm at Langley Burrell, Chippenham. The Treasurer said the healthy balance could be used to further chess in Wiltshire. The Rapidplay tournament in September at the Brown Jack was unlikely to be affected by the change in ownership of their venue. The leagues were successful; Brown Jack winning the Major, Swindon A the Intermediate, Swindon the Minor. Subscription rates to remain unchanged. The preferred choice for the 2017/18 Wiltshire Championship was for a weekend congress; a couple of venues were suggested. The overall time for standard graded matches would remain the same, but without the clocks being put back; all the time being added at the start. This would be for the 2017/18 season only, then re-assessed. The Intermediate League grade would be 145 maximum for the following season. Minutes.